A compelling story elevates Mafia 3's latest DLC above its predecessor. Donovan's shady CIA past and humorous relationship with Lincoln makes each mission exciting fun. With exciting turret battles, jungle warfare, and a nuclear warhead up for grabs, Stones Unturned is a high octane DLC you shouldn't miss out on.



Mafia 3's latest DLC, Stones Unturned, is a significant improvement from its last DLC, Faster Baby. The storyline about Donovan's CIA and Vietnam past is far more compelling than the horribly racist town of Sinclair Parish. Considering that Lincoln spends most of his time in New Bordeaux being called the N-word by white racists and then proceeding to shoot said white racists, doing the exact same thing in a new town didn't feel fresh. Fortunately, Donovan is a much more interesting character and his hunt to find a stolen nuclear warhead feels a lot different than your other missions in Mafia 3. Combine that with a whole new location away from New Bordeaux and fun (although way too easy) turret battles, and Stones Unturned is a DLC well worth your money.



Stones Unturned shifts the focus away from Lincoln Clay to his rogue ex-CIA helper, John Donovan. Donovan was easily one of the most interesting characters in Mafia 3 with his Vietnam stories, great relationship with Lincoln, and hilarious shouting matches at the Congressional hearings about the Lincoln's systematic destruction of the New Bordeaux mafia. His character seemed to have a lot of layers and Stones Unturned peels back the Vietnam aspect of Donovan's past.


An old enemy named Connor Aldridge has recently entered New Bordeaux and Donovan recruits Lincoln to help him unravel why Aldridge is here. It's telling that for the first time Donovan appears scared. While he mocked the New Bordeaux mafia and never seemed to doubt Lincoln's ability to decimate them, Donovan's close-lipped and fearful of Aldridge. And we immediately see why, since the first lead on Aldridge leads to a massacre at a  bar.....

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