Create a powerful, well crafted story with dynamic characters, precise pacing, and snappy dialogue that all seamlessly blend with game-play. If you just need a little script doctoring or editing, we can do that too



  • Narrative Design


  • Game Writing


  • Script Consultancy


  • Editing and Script Doctoring

Elevate interactive story telling through performance. Our expertise lies in casting and directing performance capture, voice over, and managing the development process from script lock through to post production



  • Casting and Directing Performance Capture


  • Cinematography and Staging Consultation


  • Casting and Directing Voiceover and Dialect Coach


  • Post Production Services





We provide SAG/AFTRA signatory and payroll services




  • Ensuring union compliance


  • Contract negotiations and management


  • Computation of wages, taxes, H&R contributions


  • Check generation and distribution


  • Year end tax documents

"GOOD directing is the point where great writing, casting, communication and collaboration with cast, crew, and the dev team intersect. After that, it’s all about giving the actors the right amount of freedom and then controlling the terror in the pit of your stomach when you announce that you have the shot in the can.”

Darragh O’Farrell has been casting and directing award winning interactive experiences from the inception of the CD ROM through the wide adoption of performance and likeness capture.

After 18 years at LucasArts, Darragh started The Volume to allow more time to focus on the creative side of interactive storytelling. He has worked on major intellectual properties such as, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Indiana Jones, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Mafia III, and numerous other projects currently in development.


Darragh is known for the detailed direction and astute script analyses he brings to his projects. He loves the collaborative process, working with the dev team and the actors, using his experience in script writing, directing, and his love of people watching, to get truthful performances that elevate the interactive medium.


Darragh lives with his family in the Bay Area where, when he is not on the road working, is a dedicated soccer dad of two.





Darragh O'Farrell


Darragh O'Farrell



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Mafia 3

A compelling story elevates Mafia 3's latest DLC above its predecessor. Donovan's shady CIA past and humorous relationship with Lincoln makes each mission exciting fun. With exciting turret battles, jungle warfare, and a nuclear warhead up for grabs.....


Battlefront 2

When Star Wars Battlefront came out in 2015, the focus was on the way it re-created key moments from the original movie franchise. Players were able to take part in multiplayer battles on planets like Hoth and Tatooine, brought to life with by the team at EA DICE with an as-of-then unprecedented level of realism and detail.....

Command and Conquer - Rivals

The Command and Conquer franchise made its PC debut all the way back in 1995. In the two decades since, the game has garnered a rabid following with dozens of sequels and spinoffs. In 2018, the C&C experience returns to mobile with the free-to-play Command and Conquer Rivals, which EA debuted ahead of E3 2018.....

The Division

Gunshots make a very particular sound in a desolate city. The noise ricochetes off buildings, echos down alleyways, seems to come from every direction at once. It means danger could come from anywhere at any time, but it also means there's more work to do. So when I step out of a safehouse and steel my nerves, I also grin, just a little.....

Grim Fandango Remastered

Playing classic adventure Grim Fandango again is like seeing a skeleton get up and start walking around – which is exactly what afterlife travel agent Manny Calavera does in this Day of the Dead-inspired tale. It joyously exhumes the corpses of both fallen genre titan LucasArts and Grim Fandango itself.....